Podiatry Residency

In addition to the information below, the program is further complimented with journal clubs twice a month (orthopaedic and podiatry), daily morning reports with faculty and formal lectures twice a week with grand rounds monthly. Surgical cadaver labs and orthopaedic knowledge update programs are also held regularly. All residents are expected to participate in lecture series, morning reports and a research project. The University of Florida Borland Library is extensive and residents have full access to all of the University of Florida library and research facilities.


PGY-1 podiatry residents are required to do rotations in various departments and will share call schedules in orthopaedics, as well as in podiatric medicine. On-call quarters are provided for all residents.

PGY-1 Rotations

Rotation Months
Podiatric Medicine and Surgery* 3 months
Medical Imaging 1 month
Pathology 2 weeks
Medicine 1 month
Emergency Medicine 1 month
Infectious Diseases 1 month
Anesthesia 1 month
General Surgery 1 month
Orthopaedic Surgery 2 weeks hand, 2 weeks oncology
Psychiatry 2 weeks
Vascular Surgery 1 month
* Concurrent with other rotations
** Vascular surgery, family medicine, neurology, rheumatology, rehabilitative medicine, geriatrics, other rotations available

PGY-2 & PGY-3

PGY-2 and PGY-3 residents will participate in podiatric medicine and surgery throughout the year, as well as rotations in orthopaedic foot and ankle, sports medicine and trauma. In addition, we have orthopaedic oncology and pediatrics available. Surgery is a major emphasis of our program and runs the full scope of podiatric and orthopaedic surgery.

PGY-2 & PGY-3 Rotations

Rotation Months
Podiatric Surgery 3 months
Orthopaedic Surgery 3 months
Orthopaedic Trauma 4 months
Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle 3 months
Sports Medicine 3 months
Foot & Ankle Surgery 20 month


Podiatric residents are required to complete a research project prior to graduation suitable for presentation or publication.

Photo Gallery

Podiatry Residents at the Gate River Run Runner's Expo - click the images to view larger versions!